Above are my plans.  I spent a day writing them out and getting prepared.  Overall, it has been a good couple of days.  I stayed home with my oldest yesterday and we spent the day cleaning and organizing.  We were both so tired when we finished.  Good exercise without even realizing it.  After that was t ball practice where I sat and sweated in the sun for a few hours.  The team won! And now it on the the championship game tomorrow.  My youngest lost his first tooh by trying to open a bag of Doritos with his teeth after the game.  Too funny! How did you lose your first tooth?


Inauguration Day

I spent most of the day watching history being made again.  It was great to watch and Kelly Clarkson and Beyonce sounded great.  Obama’s speech was wonderful as well.

Our house is totally lacking in groceries, so it wasn’t a good Paleo day.  But I had a good eating day otherwise.  I didn’t go crazy with junk food (because there was none to be had!)  I didn’t leave the house to go get it! (If I were counting calories, it was even a good calorie day!)

I even exercised.  I did a twenty minute kickboxing workout through the OnDemand channel.  I am really feeling it.  I can’t even REMEMBER the last time i exercised!  This is truly a victory for me.

I made a goal to exercise again tomorrow.  I want to wake up early and do it.  But even if I can’t I just want to get it in.  So that’s my goal.  Exercise!   What are your goals?