80/20 Kind of Day

It was one of those days today.  I dragged myself out of bed, rushed to get ready, and left without grabbing my lunch and breakfast.

I skipped breakfast and had school lunch.  It by no means was a paleo/primal lunch but it was tasty.  One of the better school lunches I’ve had.

school lunch

There was chicken salad served on whole wheat bread with tomatoes and lettuce.  Green beans, broccoli, fries, and peaches with whipped cream.  Overall, not too bad.

My assistant was handing out Airheads to the kids and I didn’t want to resist and had one too!

Since, I was unprepared and we had bible talk I wanted something quick and easy.  I also didn’t want to prepare two different meals, so I decided to make quesadillas  topped with salsa.  But I got home and realized that I didn’t have enough cheese.  I made hamburgers for the boys which was still quick and easy because I just put the patties on the Foreman grill. And I ate the quesadillas.


At bible talk we’re doing a Jericho walk.  Not sure how far the walk will be but that will be my exercise for the day.  Not a bad eating day and exercise.  Yay! Now to just make it Paleo!


I Worked Out!

If I’m eating right, I don’t workout.  If I workout I don’t eat well.  Today was the latter.  I was craving carbs like crazy and I eat them.  Then at the t-ball game, it started to rain and I ran all the way to my car to grab my umbrella, which happened to be quite a ways away.

At home I discovered Demi Lovato’s and Jessica Sanchez’s new albums.  Thanks to them they got my butt up and moving.


The club bangers and upbeat beats got me up and dancing.  Then I cut on an OnDemand kickboxing video and proceeded to do that with “my ladies” playing in the background.  I actually had a lot of fun, dancing and exercising in my living room. The last time I can remember exercising was over spring break which was at the beginning of April.  I hope I can find the motivation to do something again tomorrow.  I’ve had a gym bag packed in my trunk for weeks.  And I’ve been wanting to train for a 5k for FOREVER.  Now to keep that motivation pumping through me.

What else can I do to stay motivated?


Same old story, just a different day.  I could write about all the excuses of what happened (end of the year BBQ, graduation, graduation party…) but it doesn’t really excuse the fact that I didn’t have self control and I didn’t stick with my eating plan.

So today, again, I vow to get back on track and to remain CONSISTENT.  I am recommitting myself to logging my food into MyFitnessPal and exercise. For lunch I ate salad shrimp with peas and a sweet potato.  For dinner I put the ingredients for chicken tacos in the crock pot.  However, I plan to eat mine as a salad.

I packed a gym bag so I could either walk or go to the Y to exercise after I pick up my oldest.

I will update later.  Were you able to stick to your weight loss goals this weekend?

Let’s Try Again

Yesterday, should have been my fast day but that didn’t work out.  Today instead I have fasted.  I had a two hour meeting at 9 this morning but I spent the time before that getting ready for it.  Then at lunch I wasn’t tempted until I smelled my coworkers Chinese food.  But I made it through.

This afternoon is turning out to be really busy.  I have to run up to the university to pick up some transcripts and get a form filled out.  Then the boys have a makeup game for t ball at 6:15.  So, before that I need to run home and change (I wore a dress for the meeting and for May we had frost in the morning. Brrr!), I need to pack some sandwiches for the boys to eat, and grab their uniforms.  Ack! That’s a lot in a small window.  Hopefully all that busyness will keep my mind off of food until dinner.

I ended up having bacon and eggs for dinner.  For snack I eat popcorn.  Today my goal is to get some exercise in!

Fast Day

Today is a fast day.  Since, I stayed up late, I forgot to prepare my dinner for tonight. I had planned on a crock pot beef stew.  Guess, I will need to think of an alternative between now and dinner time.

I was up past midnight reading a parenting book.



The Strong Willed Child.  It is a really quick read.  I made it more than half way through in just a few hours.  With my Kindle Fire I was able to highlight and note all of the passages I found relevent.  I am starting on the Week 1 today.  Which is the principle attending.  It seems like a lot of work will be needed over the next five weeks to see changes in the boys behavior.  I really need to see a change and I know they won’t change unless I do.  

I also have the book The Strong Willed Child by James Dobson. My mom bought this one for me forever ago but I never got past the first few chapters.  This one is based on more Christian principles (I think!).  I plan to read that one after I finish the other book.


How do you handle a strong willed child?