It’s been a while since I posted.  I haven’t fallen off the wagon!  I’ve been really busy with end of the school year things.  I’m transferring to another school, so I’ve been packing up my classroom. Who knew you could accumulate so much stuff in three years!  Then there are final grades to do, etc.  I promise to update regularly once school lets out!



Eat less, Move More

I think I really am making this whole weight loss thing too hard.  All these different diet plans and such.  When I really need to concentrate on my portion sizes and getting exercise.  So, my goal from here on out is to EAT LESS AND MOVE MORE!

Budget Concerns

I had several unexpected expenses this month which in turn took from my food budget.  It’s almost impossible to eat primal or healthy with little food in the house or cash to go get more.  Luckly, Friday is payday and I can rectify the situation then.  So, last week and this week were use what you have weeks.  We went to visit my parents and she sent me home with a bag of groceries that she thought she and my dad wouldn’t get to before they went bag.  That’s what we ate last week.  Now this week, I’m trying to use up all the stuff in my pantry and freezer which I always pass over because I’d rather eat out or something.  This has made me be very creative.  Dinner last night was bbq chicken sandwiches and macaroni and cheese for the boys.  I ate my chicken on  iceberg lettuce.

Breakfast  was cream of wheat.  Which I really didn’t eat because it wasn’t that good.


Lunch I brought leftovers from last night BBQ chicken salad.

Dinner was tuna fish salad.


How do you eat on a tight budget?

Fast Day

Today is a fast day.  Since, I stayed up late, I forgot to prepare my dinner for tonight. I had planned on a crock pot beef stew.  Guess, I will need to think of an alternative between now and dinner time.

I was up past midnight reading a parenting book.



The Strong Willed Child.  It is a really quick read.  I made it more than half way through in just a few hours.  With my Kindle Fire I was able to highlight and note all of the passages I found relevent.  I am starting on the Week 1 today.  Which is the principle attending.  It seems like a lot of work will be needed over the next five weeks to see changes in the boys behavior.  I really need to see a change and I know they won’t change unless I do.  

I also have the book The Strong Willed Child by James Dobson. My mom bought this one for me forever ago but I never got past the first few chapters.  This one is based on more Christian principles (I think!).  I plan to read that one after I finish the other book.


How do you handle a strong willed child?

No More School Lunches

I packed my son’s lunch today.  The first time since October.  I’ve been letting him buy school lunch all year.  My mom was telling me about her friends son and how she changed his diet and his behavior has changed.  At this point I am looking for anything that will change my son’s behavior for the better.  So, yesterday we went grocery shopping and I bought all organic and nothing with gluten in it.  I’m cutting out of his diet all grains, dairy, and hormones.  I even bought the Rubbermaid Lunch Blox.  I think it will really help with portion sizes.

I filled them with a hamburger patty, clementine, baby carrots, and strawberries.  He really whined about not having a hamburger bun with this burger patty.  But  I tried to explain to him that this would make him do better in school and help his asthma.  For his drink I sent an organic juice box.  I even packed breakfast since we don’t have time to eat at home.   Breakfast was two hard boiled eggs, a clementine, and juice.

I realize that this will be a hard transition but he has to come off of the junk food and added sugars.  I want his only sugar intake to be from fruit and fruit juices.

Have you ever changed your child’s diet?  What did you do to get your child to get on board with the changes?

Can’t Get Right

Ever heard the saying, Just can’t get right?  Well that sentiment totally describes my life as of late.  I guess it’s a combination of things.  Being overwhelmed, stressed, depressed, unmotivated  are a few words I would use to put into words my feelings.

I don’t know what it will take to get out of this fog.  I don’t know what it will take for me to feel like my self again.  So, I’m just checking in to say until I get this figured out I can’t change my lifestyle.  But at some point I am committed to going Paleo and exercising.  So, until then….