Eating Animals

I realize that I am on a new health kick every other day but I truly believe in Paleo.  I plan to stick with the Paleo lifestyle. I’ve done it in the past and I felt great, my constant burping stopped, and I lost weight.  But before Paleo there was my vegetarianism phase.  I actually liked that too.  I cooked up some delicious dishes but the whole family wasn’t behind me.  And I eventually gave into the fried pork chops and pizza that always seemed to be in the house.

However, the reasons I became a vegetarian still remain.  Currently on my Kindle is this book: Product Details It has brought back that reasoning to the forefront of my mind.  I’m only a few chapters in but it is intriguing and enlightening.  It got me thinking can I be a Paleo vegetarian?  I did a bit of internet research and came to the conclusion that yes it possible but quite hard.  Not sure I’m up for the task.  We’ll see.  I plan to finish the book and see where my opinions lie then.

Have you ever tried vegetarianism?  Were you successful?


Saturday Eats and Before



I got up early and made breakfast.  We had sausage and eggs.


tuna wrap

I made some tuna on lettuce wraps.


taco salad

For dinner I had taco salad made with ground turkey (After I eat it I remembered I’m not a fan of the taste of ground turkey. Overall it was satisfying though.)


I had two slices of this Edmonds Turtle pie over the course of the day.  No pic.  One I eat right after the t ball game (Marlins won, yay!)  The other I ate after my nap.  Obviously I shouldn’t have but not gonna beat myself up about it.  There is one slice left, which I plan to give to the boys.  Then all the sweets will be gone.  Hopefully, a craving won’t hit me so hard I head to the store to buy dessert.  Sugar addiction is SO hard to break!

I decided to take some “before” pictures.  I’m finally back to the weight I was when I started this blog over Christmas break .  So here are my first pics taken today at 252 pounds.

front 5-11-13   side 5-11-13

How do you satisfy your sweet tooth when losing weight?

What I Eat At School



Tuna fish and apple sauce.

For lunch



Chicken with sauce, green beans, and an orange.

And I’ve been having plenty of this:




This week is Teacher Appreciation Week.  There is so much food around.  It is really a test of my will power not to indulge.  But I am trying and not just giving in and saying, oh well I’ll start next week.  Yesterday it was Quiznos, today there were Krispy Kreme donuts, and Friday it will be Chick-Fil-A.  All things I would normally eat if I weren’t trying to change my lifestyle.

What have you been eating lately?


Mini-Goal 1

The first mini goal is to lose twenty pounds by my birthday July 8.  This is how I plan to do it.

Food: Primal/Paleo, smaller portions

Exercise: 20 min On Demand exercise video in the morning before work.

Walking during the boys t-ball practices.

What else can I do to insure success?

Community Based Instruction

Every week we take out students on community based instruction field trips.  This week we headed to Golden Corral to work on money skills.

I knew going to a buffet could be trouble.  So last night I thought about it and went in with a plan.  I knew it wouldn’t be logical to think that I would go there and not eat anything.  I ordered water and eat only rotisserie chicken and greens beans.  I had a bowl of various fruit.  I did pretty well with the overall meal.  I did want dessert, so I had some.  I eat a piece of carrot cake.  (Probably not the best choice but at least I didn’t go crazy!)

When we left I felt good that I was able to maintain control and mostly stick to primal eating. In the Cordain books he advocates the 85/15 rule.  So, a non paleo treat is okay here and there.

How strict are you with your primal/paleo eating?

No More School Lunches

I packed my son’s lunch today.  The first time since October.  I’ve been letting him buy school lunch all year.  My mom was telling me about her friends son and how she changed his diet and his behavior has changed.  At this point I am looking for anything that will change my son’s behavior for the better.  So, yesterday we went grocery shopping and I bought all organic and nothing with gluten in it.  I’m cutting out of his diet all grains, dairy, and hormones.  I even bought the Rubbermaid Lunch Blox.  I think it will really help with portion sizes.

I filled them with a hamburger patty, clementine, baby carrots, and strawberries.  He really whined about not having a hamburger bun with this burger patty.  But  I tried to explain to him that this would make him do better in school and help his asthma.  For his drink I sent an organic juice box.  I even packed breakfast since we don’t have time to eat at home.   Breakfast was two hard boiled eggs, a clementine, and juice.

I realize that this will be a hard transition but he has to come off of the junk food and added sugars.  I want his only sugar intake to be from fruit and fruit juices.

Have you ever changed your child’s diet?  What did you do to get your child to get on board with the changes?

Primal Recharge

During spring break I switched out my closet.  I put away all the heavy winter clothes and smiled when I saw all my bright colored spring and summer clothes.  Then the first hot day came and tried to wear some of those clothes.  It wasn’t happening.  Everything was tight or wouldn’t button or I could see rolls.  So, I promptly headed to the nearest department store and bought bigger clothes.  It really stunk but I wanted to feel good in my clothes and new clothes always accomplishes that goal.

It took me a bit longer to decide that I really had to make a change, not just buy new clothes.  I walked a couple of times during spring break but that quickly feel off.  I knew I needed to change what I was putting into my body.

I checked out all the paleo books again and reread them and got recharged.  I cleaned out the cabinets of off limit foods and headed to the grocery store for organic and grass fed meats.

It’s only been a couple of days but I already feel a difference.  I’ve stopped burping non stop.  I feel full after eating my meals and if I don’t I know I can eat more.  I don’t feel stuck in this vicious cycle of restricting and counting calories and feeling deprived.

I had terrible sweet cravings the first night.  I caved and went into the box of off limit foods (really should toss that box) and eat a couple of bowls of Honey Nut Cheerios.  Since, that box is now gone I won’t buy more.  I figured that it would be better that I had something sweet on hand then to eat something off limits.  I picked up a pint of chocolate almond ice cream and chocolate coconut ice cream.  They were delicious though I preferred the consistency of the coconut ice cream.

I had so much energy last night.  It was 11:30 pm and I was barely tired and ready for bed.  That usually never happens.  I am excited for this new journey.  My son is on it with me.  Trying some dietary changes for him to help improve his behavior and asthma symptoms.

I plan to head out to Trader Joes or Whole Foods for some more meat this week.  It is hard when I see the prices but then I think about the health of my son and of myself and I know it is worth it.

What do you do to save money when eating organic?