What I’m Reading

I’m still reading Eating Animals.  It’s good but it isn’t the quickest book to get through.  While organizing on Thursday I found my old copy of Micheal Pollen’s Food Rules.

I bought it when it first came out years ago and I reread it last night because it is such a quick read.  It’s like all of the other food books I read in a small tidy version with out all the “sciencey” stuff.

I have a good idea of the things I want to purchase when I grocery shop.  Since I will be cutting back on meat I plan to only purchase tilapia and salmon (maybe shrimp) and a good variety of fruits and vegetables. I will also purchase quinoa which I was happy to learn is a seed not a grain. I’ve been thumbing through some recipe books and have a few recipes in mind.

I also got on the scale because I couldn’t help it and was down 3.5 pounds.  Yay!   I won’t weigh again until my regularly scheduled weigh in day. I kinda had the feeling that if I finally got my portions under control I could start losing.  My first mini goal is to get back down to my lowest weight of the year which was on  245.5 on 1/23/13. Only 5.5 pounds to go.  Yay, for eat less, move more!

How did you achieve your weight loss goal this week?





Above are my plans.  I spent a day writing them out and getting prepared.  Overall, it has been a good couple of days.  I stayed home with my oldest yesterday and we spent the day cleaning and organizing.  We were both so tired when we finished.  Good exercise without even realizing it.  After that was t ball practice where I sat and sweated in the sun for a few hours.  The team won! And now it on the the championship game tomorrow.  My youngest lost his first tooh by trying to open a bag of Doritos with his teeth after the game.  Too funny! How did you lose your first tooth?


I have this thing about goals.  I like to set them but if I don’t accomplish them, then I feel bad.  I’ve been setting weight loss goals since middle school.  But there are only two times I’ve been really successful with my weight loss goals and both were in college.  And one time I wasn’t even really trying.

Now in the nine years since I graduated college, I’ve been able to lose 20 pounds here and there but never able to successfully keep it off more than half a year or so.

I’ve been kind of scared to set goals lately.  But I’ve decided that  want to set some mini goals.  My 31st birthday is July 8th.  On my 30th birthday due to circumstances it wasn’t very eventful.  This year I’ve got a whole trip planned the weekend before my birthday.  It’s a family reunion, so I know it will be fun and eventful.  I last saw my extended family over the Thanksgiving holiday.  This trip I want to wow as much as possible.

I know it vain to want to hear people say you look good.  But it encourages me and makes me want to keep going.  So, the goal is to lose two pounds a week until the trip.  Which is ten weeks or twenty pounds.  That would at least get me back into my “usual” size and rid my body of all the weight I’ve gained this school year.

My second mini goal is to continue to lose two pounds a week for the rest of the summer.  For eight weeks or sixteen pounds.  But to round it out and make it an nice even number, I want to lose an additional twenty pounds over the rest of the summer.  I hope to drop two dress sizes between April 27 (start date)- September 3.

Of course I will still have more weight to lose and will take until October to get to onederland. My third mini goal is in 18 weeks to the end of 2013, to lose another 36-40 pounds.  My ultimate goal is to lose 100 pounds.  I hope to accomplish this fourth mini goal by the end of  April 2014.

So, basically this should take me an entire year and May of 2014 I can go into maintaining what I have accomplished.  It’s scary to put this out into the universe.  But I’ve had these goals in my head for a while and I want to get it into writing.  This time I WILL accomplish my goals and I want to have some thing to look back on and to see how far I’ve come.

I think these goals are obtainable.  Two pounds a week is respectable amount.  If I lose less one week, there is still time built in to make up for it.  So, those are my goals.  Hopefully, I can stay consistent and finally accomplish my goals!

Do you make goals?  How do you feel if you don’t obtain them?