Budget Concerns

I had several unexpected expenses this month which in turn took from my food budget.  It’s almost impossible to eat primal or healthy with little food in the house or cash to go get more.  Luckly, Friday is payday and I can rectify the situation then.  So, last week and this week were use what you have weeks.  We went to visit my parents and she sent me home with a bag of groceries that she thought she and my dad wouldn’t get to before they went bag.  That’s what we ate last week.  Now this week, I’m trying to use up all the stuff in my pantry and freezer which I always pass over because I’d rather eat out or something.  This has made me be very creative.  Dinner last night was bbq chicken sandwiches and macaroni and cheese for the boys.  I ate my chicken on  iceberg lettuce.

Breakfast  was cream of wheat.  Which I really didn’t eat because it wasn’t that good.


Lunch I brought leftovers from last night BBQ chicken salad.

Dinner was tuna fish salad.


How do you eat on a tight budget?


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