I Worked Out!

If I’m eating right, I don’t workout.  If I workout I don’t eat well.  Today was the latter.  I was craving carbs like crazy and I eat them.  Then at the t-ball game, it started to rain and I ran all the way to my car to grab my umbrella, which happened to be quite a ways away.

At home I discovered Demi Lovato’s and Jessica Sanchez’s new albums.  Thanks to them they got my butt up and moving.


The club bangers and upbeat beats got me up and dancing.  Then I cut on an OnDemand kickboxing video and proceeded to do that with “my ladies” playing in the background.  I actually had a lot of fun, dancing and exercising in my living room. The last time I can remember exercising was over spring break which was at the beginning of April.  I hope I can find the motivation to do something again tomorrow.  I’ve had a gym bag packed in my trunk for weeks.  And I’ve been wanting to train for a 5k for FOREVER.  Now to keep that motivation pumping through me.

What else can I do to stay motivated?


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