80/20 Kind of Day

It was one of those days today.  I dragged myself out of bed, rushed to get ready, and left without grabbing my lunch and breakfast.

I skipped breakfast and had school lunch.  It by no means was a paleo/primal lunch but it was tasty.  One of the better school lunches I’ve had.

school lunch

There was chicken salad served on whole wheat bread with tomatoes and lettuce.  Green beans, broccoli, fries, and peaches with whipped cream.  Overall, not too bad.

My assistant was handing out Airheads to the kids and I didn’t want to resist and had one too!

Since, I was unprepared and we had bible talk I wanted something quick and easy.  I also didn’t want to prepare two different meals, so I decided to make quesadillas  topped with salsa.  But I got home and realized that I didn’t have enough cheese.  I made hamburgers for the boys which was still quick and easy because I just put the patties on the Foreman grill. And I ate the quesadillas.


At bible talk we’re doing a Jericho walk.  Not sure how far the walk will be but that will be my exercise for the day.  Not a bad eating day and exercise.  Yay! Now to just make it Paleo!


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