Let’s Try Again

Yesterday, should have been my fast day but that didn’t work out.  Today instead I have fasted.  I had a two hour meeting at 9 this morning but I spent the time before that getting ready for it.  Then at lunch I wasn’t tempted until I smelled my coworkers Chinese food.  But I made it through.

This afternoon is turning out to be really busy.  I have to run up to the university to pick up some transcripts and get a form filled out.  Then the boys have a makeup game for t ball at 6:15.  So, before that I need to run home and change (I wore a dress for the meeting and for May we had frost in the morning. Brrr!), I need to pack some sandwiches for the boys to eat, and grab their uniforms.  Ack! That’s a lot in a small window.  Hopefully all that busyness will keep my mind off of food until dinner.

I ended up having bacon and eggs for dinner.  For snack I eat popcorn.  Today my goal is to get some exercise in!


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