Fast Day

Today is a fast day.  Since, I stayed up late, I forgot to prepare my dinner for tonight. I had planned on a crock pot beef stew.  Guess, I will need to think of an alternative between now and dinner time.

I was up past midnight reading a parenting book.



The Strong Willed Child.  It is a really quick read.  I made it more than half way through in just a few hours.  With my Kindle Fire I was able to highlight and note all of the passages I found relevent.  I am starting on the Week 1 today.  Which is the principle attending.  It seems like a lot of work will be needed over the next five weeks to see changes in the boys behavior.  I really need to see a change and I know they won’t change unless I do.  

I also have the book The Strong Willed Child by James Dobson. My mom bought this one for me forever ago but I never got past the first few chapters.  This one is based on more Christian principles (I think!).  I plan to read that one after I finish the other book.


How do you handle a strong willed child?


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