Saturday Eats and Before



I got up early and made breakfast.  We had sausage and eggs.


tuna wrap

I made some tuna on lettuce wraps.


taco salad

For dinner I had taco salad made with ground turkey (After I eat it I remembered I’m not a fan of the taste of ground turkey. Overall it was satisfying though.)


I had two slices of this Edmonds Turtle pie over the course of the day.  No pic.  One I eat right after the t ball game (Marlins won, yay!)  The other I ate after my nap.  Obviously I shouldn’t have but not gonna beat myself up about it.  There is one slice left, which I plan to give to the boys.  Then all the sweets will be gone.  Hopefully, a craving won’t hit me so hard I head to the store to buy dessert.  Sugar addiction is SO hard to break!

I decided to take some “before” pictures.  I’m finally back to the weight I was when I started this blog over Christmas break .  So here are my first pics taken today at 252 pounds.

front 5-11-13   side 5-11-13

How do you satisfy your sweet tooth when losing weight?


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