It Worked!

I ate my 500 calorie meal around 5 pm Thursday night.  But I was still ravenous and I ate again.  However, I got on the scale this morning and it has budged two and a half pounds.  What?! I wonder what it would have been if I had really stuck to it.  I’m finally back  to the weight I began the year at.  Yay! Now to really get this weight off.

Friday was the last day of teacher appreciation week and they served a Chick-fil-a breakfast.  I had a chicken biscuit, fruit, and juice.  Since, this is supposed to be a normal eating day, I think it’s okay.  I thought we were getting served lunch instead of breakfast.  So, I didn’t pack anything to eat.  I figured it would be easier to skip breakfast and have lunch.  But it isn’t so easy to eat breakfast and then skip lunch.  So I had school lunch.  The portions are tiny, so  I wasn’t worried.  I got on the scale this morning and I was down a half pound.  (I promise I will stop weighing myself everyday!)

Today we were to have a busy day.  My church was to have a huge yard sale but it was canceled because of the forecast ed rain.  My youngest had his testing to get into the private school.  Since, the yard sale didn’t happen and the car was already full of stuff I planned to sale.  I headed over to my favorite thrift store to donate the items.  Now were home.  There is a bit of down time before the t ball game this afternoon.  So, far it hasn’t rained.  I hope it doesn’t because two games this week were rained out that we will have to make up soon.  After that I may be able to get some relaxation in before our busy day planned tomorrow.  Since, tomorrow is Mother’s Day, I want to spend some quality time with my sons. After church, we are going putt putt with another mom and her kids.  It should be fun, the kids love that place because it also has motor boats, bumper cars, and an arcade.  We figured we may  just eat pizza there instead of dealing with the crowds at a sit down restaurant.

What are you up to this weekend?


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