Portion Control

I’ve been trying to figure out why the last time I went primal I had such quick success.  I thought it was maybe age.  That perhaps I’m getting older, my metabolism is slowing down and that’s why its harder to lose.

But no.  It’s portion size.  I have plain eating too much.  Even eating primal, I’ve been having seconds or too large portions.  I’ve been looking at other peoples weight loss blogs and noticing something.  That their portions are much smaller than mine.  I’ve been eating too much.  And way too many sweets.  It is so hard to stop my sweet tooth in the evenings.

When I went primal last year, I lost 11 pounds the first week.  And a steady two pounds a week until I was down 20 pounds and then I stopped.  Because I fit into my clothes again and I was happy with that.

I really believe in the Primal lifestyle.  I had more energy and I stopped burping.  I’m always burping.  But cutting out dairy and grains really alleviated that for me.

Now I have to cut back.  I want to be satisfied but not over do it.

How do you keep your portions under control?


One thought on “Portion Control

  1. I had to learn the difference in hunger and habit. I was habitually consuming more food, more often. Not only was it a problem with weight loss, but also with my blood sugar. I added Dr. Jack Kruse’s Leptin Rx to what I was doing (Atkins) which pretty much led me to a more primal/whole foods woe. I added exercise/heavy lifting, so the scale really didn’t go down faster, but the inches did.

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