Community Based Instruction

Every week we take out students on community based instruction field trips.  This week we headed to Golden Corral to work on money skills.

I knew going to a buffet could be trouble.  So last night I thought about it and went in with a plan.  I knew it wouldn’t be logical to think that I would go there and not eat anything.  I ordered water and eat only rotisserie chicken and greens beans.  I had a bowl of various fruit.  I did pretty well with the overall meal.  I did want dessert, so I had some.  I eat a piece of carrot cake.  (Probably not the best choice but at least I didn’t go crazy!)

When we left I felt good that I was able to maintain control and mostly stick to primal eating. In the Cordain books he advocates the 85/15 rule.  So, a non paleo treat is okay here and there.

How strict are you with your primal/paleo eating?


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