I think I figured out why I had so much energy last night.  I made iced tea which I mixed with some fruit juice.  So I was pretty much on a caffeine high.  I had some tonight but I tried to remember not to have too much.

As far as eating goes I did well.  I only ate what I packed.  Which was shrimp, broccoli, and a clementine for lunch.  I got home and had a hard boiled egg for a snack while I made dinner.  I cooked tilapia and broccoli.  Quick and simple, my kind of cooking.  I boiled up some more eggs for tomorrow.

Not sure how packing meals for my son is going to turn out.  He told me today his teacher gave him pretzels and a fruit snack with his breakfast (What?!)  Then I forgot about the after school program.  When I went to pick him up the snack was cantaloupe (not bad!) with a mini bagel and cream cheese ( a no no).  I guess I could just talk to his teacher and send food for an after school snack.  Ugh! Decisions   I need to stop being lazy about it.  I may need to wait until summer camp starts.  When everybody has to pack.  He’ll eat breakfast at home and pack a lunch and a snack.  We shall see…

Jumping topics here but I tend to make these elaborate plans and then not follow through with them.  This time I don’t want to put that kind of pressure on myself and instead take each day daily.  I still have goals in the back of my mind I wouldn’t mind accomplishing.  Mostly focused on the amount of weight I’d like to lose.  It’s probably good to have goals and something to work towards.

Are you a planner?


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