No More School Lunches

I packed my son’s lunch today.  The first time since October.  I’ve been letting him buy school lunch all year.  My mom was telling me about her friends son and how she changed his diet and his behavior has changed.  At this point I am looking for anything that will change my son’s behavior for the better.  So, yesterday we went grocery shopping and I bought all organic and nothing with gluten in it.  I’m cutting out of his diet all grains, dairy, and hormones.  I even bought the Rubbermaid Lunch Blox.  I think it will really help with portion sizes.

I filled them with a hamburger patty, clementine, baby carrots, and strawberries.  He really whined about not having a hamburger bun with this burger patty.  But  I tried to explain to him that this would make him do better in school and help his asthma.  For his drink I sent an organic juice box.  I even packed breakfast since we don’t have time to eat at home.   Breakfast was two hard boiled eggs, a clementine, and juice.

I realize that this will be a hard transition but he has to come off of the junk food and added sugars.  I want his only sugar intake to be from fruit and fruit juices.

Have you ever changed your child’s diet?  What did you do to get your child to get on board with the changes?


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