Snow Day

Yay! snow! Which in the world of a teacher means no work today.  And Monday is a holiday.  So, that means a four day weekend! Whoot! Whoot!  I really need this time to refresh and recharge.  And that’s exactly what I plan to do this weekend.  I’ll be reading Fall of Giants by Ken Follet.  Product DetailsI am totally addicted to his historical fiction books right now.  They are tomes but on the Kindle they are so easy to get through.  No huge books to carry around.  This Kindle fire has reignited my love for books.  I read about seven books during and since Winter break!

As I’ve previously noted, I’ve had a difficult week.  Which of course makes me want to eat terribly.  I feel so bloated and my stomach feels terrible.  Right now I am cooking up a breakfast of eggs and bacon.  I know I will feel so better If I lay off the junk food and candy.  Trying not to give myself a hard time, just want to get right back on track.


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