Two More

This sure has been a crazy starting week.  But I feel like this last two days, I’ve gotten into a groove with my eating.  I am encouraged because despite my struggles, I put up a two pound weight lose. Yay!  At class this morning I had time to plan out a couple of meals and make a grocery list.  My oldest son had his first basketball game (he made a two pointer!!!) we headed to Martin’s and picked up eats for the week.  The grocery store was super packed and the lines out of control but I was able to get out with spending just under $100 dollars.  Not bad.  I planned a couple of crock pot meals.  And I am hoping there will be enough left over for lunches.  The boys probably won’t eat it but I bought fabric fixings for them, if they don’t like what I made.

I’m looking forward to slowly making more changes and dropping this weight.  I made a new goal as well.  I want to shock my extended family.  there is a family reunion in July.  Everyone saw me last in November, I want to look drastically different.


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