Rough Start

Being that I’ve been sick since Saturday and a few things that have happened personally, I’ve really gotten off to a really ROUGH start.  When I feel bad I want to eat and eat I have every evening this week.  Physically I am feeling normal again.  Emotionally I am close to being back strong.  I know I need to fight through the feelings.  But it is so much easier and pleasurable to eat those feelings.    My days eating wise have been really good but it’s the nights that have been a battle, that I am losing.

I decided to make a few goals for today to try to get on track.  The first is to eat breakfast!  Yay! I did that, though it was just one hard boiled egg.  My second goal is to eat no junk food today.  Those two things I have struggled with the most this week.

This second goal will be hard to accomplish because its Wednesday and that means church.  Which means no time to cook dinner.  (I should have put something in the crockpot…)

It also means a late bedtime.  Which is not good for my oldest boy.  I’ve been trying to get the boys to bed earlier.  Bedtime had been 8pm.  Now its 7pm or earlier if possible.  My oldest doesn’t get naps in school anymore but he still really needs one.  So I am trying for him to get more sleep at night.  Hopefully it will improve his behavior.  This is the schedule I hope to stick to:  Mon 7:45pm (basketball), Tues 6:45pm, Weds 9pm (church), Thurs 7:30pm (Boy Scouts), Fri 6:45pm or 10pm (Bible Study).  We just have so much going on right now, that its hard to go to bed earlier!

What are your stay on track goals?


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