The Start

I got started today.  Although I began to feel sick yesterday.  I weighed in this morning 249, so I’m down 3 pounds this week. Yay!  I’ve had a sore throat and chills all day.  Been taking cold medicine but it’s not really helping.  I had a study after church today, so we ate at Wendy’s   I skipped breakfast because I was running late.  I ate two garden side salads with ranch and a small chili for lunch.  For dinner I had shrimp seasoned with butter and a sweet potatoes   And for dessert pineapple.  Wasn’t truly a real Whole30 day but I did the best I could despite the circumstances. I even got dinner ready in the crock pot for tomorrow.  I threw a steak in with beef stew seasoning and some canned crushed tomatoes   Hopefully it turns out good.  I packed a tuna salad and pineapple and eggs for breakfast and lunch tomorrow.  Hopefully, I am well prepared.  What are you eating tomorrow?


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