Whole30: First Week Planning Jan 1-5

Since I am still on winter break and hanging out at my parents house, I will just eat what is available here.  But will stick within the guidelines of the Whole30.  There isn’t really any organic or grass fed anything around here.  But I will make do!  There are a good amount of meats, fruits, and veggies available. I plan to make a list for week two of planned meals and snacks.  Based off of that I will make a grocery list.  I will be headed home on Saturday to get ready for the coming week and will grocery shop that day as well.  As far as exercise I want to get in a few walks or bike rides with the boys before we head home.

I wanted a starting weight, so I weighed myself on my moms scale this morning.  252.  Not sure how accurate this was in comparison to my scale at home.  If its correct, I have put on some weight this winter break.  Either way that will be my last time on the scale until Jan 31.  During the Whole30, you don’t weigh yourself.

Gonna take this one day at a time and try my best to break my sugar habit!


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