It’s been a while since I posted.  I haven’t fallen off the wagon!  I’ve been really busy with end of the school year things.  I’m transferring to another school, so I’ve been packing up my classroom. Who knew you could accumulate so much stuff in three years!  Then there are final grades to do, etc.  I promise to update regularly once school lets out!



Recipe: Cocoa Almonds

I made my own cocoa almonds!   And it was really easy! I’ve been known in the past to indulge in the 100 calorie packs of cocoa almonds.  However, now I can make them my self anytime.

All I did was sprinkle a half teaspoon of organic cocoa powder on a handful of almonds and a bit of sweetener.  Shake to coat and enjoy!


I have several other ideas floating around my head about how to spice up my nuts now.   What combinations have you tried?

What I’m Reading

I’m still reading Eating Animals.  It’s good but it isn’t the quickest book to get through.  While organizing on Thursday I found my old copy of Micheal Pollen’s Food Rules.

I bought it when it first came out years ago and I reread it last night because it is such a quick read.  It’s like all of the other food books I read in a small tidy version with out all the “sciencey” stuff.

I have a good idea of the things I want to purchase when I grocery shop.  Since I will be cutting back on meat I plan to only purchase tilapia and salmon (maybe shrimp) and a good variety of fruits and vegetables. I will also purchase quinoa which I was happy to learn is a seed not a grain. I’ve been thumbing through some recipe books and have a few recipes in mind.

I also got on the scale because I couldn’t help it and was down 3.5 pounds.  Yay!   I won’t weigh again until my regularly scheduled weigh in day. I kinda had the feeling that if I finally got my portions under control I could start losing.  My first mini goal is to get back down to my lowest weight of the year which was on  245.5 on 1/23/13. Only 5.5 pounds to go.  Yay, for eat less, move more!

How did you achieve your weight loss goal this week?




Above are my plans.  I spent a day writing them out and getting prepared.  Overall, it has been a good couple of days.  I stayed home with my oldest yesterday and we spent the day cleaning and organizing.  We were both so tired when we finished.  Good exercise without even realizing it.  After that was t ball practice where I sat and sweated in the sun for a few hours.  The team won! And now it on the the championship game tomorrow.  My youngest lost his first tooh by trying to open a bag of Doritos with his teeth after the game.  Too funny! How did you lose your first tooth?

Budget Concerns

I had several unexpected expenses this month which in turn took from my food budget.  It’s almost impossible to eat primal or healthy with little food in the house or cash to go get more.  Luckly, Friday is payday and I can rectify the situation then.  So, last week and this week were use what you have weeks.  We went to visit my parents and she sent me home with a bag of groceries that she thought she and my dad wouldn’t get to before they went bag.  That’s what we ate last week.  Now this week, I’m trying to use up all the stuff in my pantry and freezer which I always pass over because I’d rather eat out or something.  This has made me be very creative.  Dinner last night was bbq chicken sandwiches and macaroni and cheese for the boys.  I ate my chicken on  iceberg lettuce.

Breakfast  was cream of wheat.  Which I really didn’t eat because it wasn’t that good.


Lunch I brought leftovers from last night BBQ chicken salad.

Dinner was tuna fish salad.


How do you eat on a tight budget?

Eating Animals

I realize that I am on a new health kick every other day but I truly believe in Paleo.  I plan to stick with the Paleo lifestyle. I’ve done it in the past and I felt great, my constant burping stopped, and I lost weight.  But before Paleo there was my vegetarianism phase.  I actually liked that too.  I cooked up some delicious dishes but the whole family wasn’t behind me.  And I eventually gave into the fried pork chops and pizza that always seemed to be in the house.

However, the reasons I became a vegetarian still remain.  Currently on my Kindle is this book: Product Details It has brought back that reasoning to the forefront of my mind.  I’m only a few chapters in but it is intriguing and enlightening.  It got me thinking can I be a Paleo vegetarian?  I did a bit of internet research and came to the conclusion that yes it possible but quite hard.  Not sure I’m up for the task.  We’ll see.  I plan to finish the book and see where my opinions lie then.

Have you ever tried vegetarianism?  Were you successful?